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When it comes to welding, it is crucial to choose the right welder for specific things that you weld. Since there are so many different welders to choose from it is very easy to choose a welder that is not suitable for you. By following our clear and

Specially made to fit like a glove, these Yamaha Generator covers are made from premium SurLastâ„¢ polyester UV-resistant fabric with a special urethane coating to let moisture escape while remaining water repellent. The cover is mould and mildew resis

The humble garden hose is about as Australian as a meat pie. You need it to give the garden a drink, wash the car and top up the clamshell pool for the kiddies to wade in. But times have changed, and now the sight of the rubber hose snaking its way a

Even if you haven't had much experience with generators before, chances are you are familiar with the Yamaha brand and the high quality reputation they have. It is this reputation that has driven Yamaha to design one of the world's most popul