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Check out our latest guides on new product ranges to help you find the right product to suit you! Feel free to contact us directly if you would like any further information on a product or range that we stock

Shell V-Power Racing Team Launch: The Pony Has Landed

As a proud Shell Lubricants distributor, Revolution Industrial was lucky enough to attend the recent Shell V-Power Racing Team 2019 Team Launch!

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3 Grams of Loctite vs 180 Tonne Freight Train

Ever wonder who would win in a fight between a 180 tonne freight train and three grams of Loctite adhesive? Looks like Henkel did, too! Curious who won? Well, we invite you to read this awesome story on Revo!

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A Comprehensive Guide to Welding

When it comes to learning how to weld, it’s important to ensure that your equipment, technique, and most importantly your safety precautions, are up to scratch. Read our guide and find out exactly what you need!

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The Ins & Outs Of Welding: Different Styles Explained

Welding is a very handy and unique skill to learn. We’ve put together this comprehensive guide to go through a wide range of welding processes and discussing which are the most suitable welding processes for different types of applications.

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Prepare for Summer blackout season by learning how to connect a backup generator to your house

Australian residents are becoming aware of the blackouts that are about to happen heading into the warmer months. But what can YOU do to safeguard your power supply? Read on with Revo to find out!

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