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Things To Know Before Buying Any Flir Infrared Cameras

When it comes to purchasing the most suitable thermal imaging camera, the number one brand that consumers have in mind is FLIR. With a wide range of products made for DIY users as well as professionals, you can easily choose the best budget FLIR thermal imaging camera to suit your applications.

Many electrical, mechanical and even termite applications are depended heavily on thermal imaging system to troubleshoot problems Buying a thermal or infrared camera is not an easy decision as a lot of money are involved. Different FLIR imaging systems will a wide range of resolutions, temperature range as well as their thermal sensitivity. Knowing what applications and surface areas you are working on will greatly help with your purchasing decision. Our FLIR thermal imaging camera buying guide will point out important factors and features to look out for when choosing your FLIR cameras.

At Revolution Industrial, we stock a wide range of FLIR cameras from the Smart Phone compatible thermal cameras such as FLIR One Pro to the high-end Ex-series with MSX such as E6 or E8.

Our genuine FLIR products come with a great warranty and a hassle-free process to claim should something goes wrong with your infrared cameras.

Make sure to contact us when in doubt and our team will be able to suggest a range of options that suit your need.

What is MSX technology

MSX (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging) enhances the clarity of your thermal images by adding visuals details in real time. With exceptional thermal clarity, it will highlight exactly where the problem is without any compromises. It works well on both thermal images as well as still images. You can easily turn MSX mode on and off with FLIR Ex Series.

What does thermal sensitivity indicate

Thermal sensitivity has a major impact on image quality and measurement capability. Thermal sensitivity will indicate whether the heat camera will produce a crisp or slightly noisy image. The best heat cameras have sensitivity close to 0.06. An average camera has a thermal sensitivity close to 0.15.

Image detector capability and image resolution

The image resolution is measured by pixels. A high-resolution image will mean a fine detailed and clear image. A decent FLIR Thermal camera has 80 x 60-pixel resolution while a high-end professional FLIR thermal camera has a 320 x 240-pixel resolution.

Smart Phone compatibility vs Handheld

FLIR thermal imaging system when connected to a mobile device will give you a much bigger picture and it is a lot more compact to take it anywhere with you. Smartphone thermal cameras such as the FLIR One Pro offers compatibility for iOS, Android USB-C and micro USB. However, some professionals prefer the ones with much higher thermal sensitivity and capability so they will often opt for the handheld ones like the EX-XT series.

WIFI feature with FLIR cameras

The Wifi feature allows you to capture thermal images and instantaneously upload it on FLIR One pro app so it can be viewed or share immediately on different devices.

Minimum and maximum operating temperature

The temperature range will indicate at what temperature your thermal imaging system is able to operate. The high-end FLIR Ex series’ heat sensor can work in a wide range of temperature from -20 degrees to +250 degrees with great accuracy.

FLIR warranty

FLIR is known to make exceptional quality thermal imaging cameras. However, should you experience some difficulties with your FLIR devices, they are backed by a legitimate Australia warranty from 2 to 10 years, depending on what thermal camera it was.