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How to choose the best head lamps for any adventure!

When you are working under cars, in the antics or having to crawl and work within tight, dark spaces, you would be struggling to work with one hand while the other is busy holding a torch. Not only it will slow you down, but it would also decrease your quality of work. Headlamps are utilised more in many industrial industries by providing an adequate level of brightness while both your hands are free to work on your projects.

While headlamps are handy for industrial usage, they would make a great addition to your camping gear as well. Imagine how easy it would be to set up a tent in the dark or even fishing or hiking at dawn when you have one of the high quality Led Lenser headlamp.

There is a huge range of headlamps available, each would suit different purposes. It can be difficult to pick the right headlamp that fits your applications. Hence, we have compiled a concise Headlamp Buying Guide to assist you in choosing the right one.

At Revolution Industrial, we offer a wide range of the highest quality head torch and headlamps that are backed by an Australia Wide Warranty. Whether you are after an industrial grade headlamp for your applications or a rechargeable headlamp for all your recreation purposes. We will have the one that you are after.

If there’s something you are not sure of, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our trained staff who will be able to offer you some recommendations. 

Headlamp Beam Type Flood (wide) vs Spot (focus)

Flood (wide) headlamp is very helpful in general camping tasks such as reading, cooking, etc. It is also useful when doing closed repairs in the dark. Due to the nature of this beam type being very wide, it will not cover a large distance, its main purpose is to be able to brighten up a large area up close.

Spot (focus) headlamps are used to view things a lot further out. It is an excellent beam type to help navigate through dark trails. While it covers a great viewing distance, it is not recommended to be used for closed applications.

With that said, there are many headlamps in the market that can be extremely versatile being it can be adjusted from flood to spot with just a click of a button.

Headlamp Beam Distance Control

Headlamp distance determines how further away are you able to project usable light. If you are getting one for your next camping or fishing trip, it would be highly recommended to get one that is able to shrine at least around 50 metres, so you can spot whatever is lurking in the dark.

On the other hand, if you are looking for one just so that you can work freely with both hands while up in tight dark places then it would be ok to get one that has a shorter distance than 50 metres.

Headlamp Brightness Level: Strobe, low, mid, high

When purchasing a headlamp, it is important to look for one that has different brightness adjustment and including a strobe function. The strobe will act as an emergency blinker; some headlamps would allow a fast and slow blink rate. It is a very important feature to have if you are taking one to your camping trips.

Brightness level adjustments will allow you to use only the necessary level of brightness for your applications. This is to ensure that you are not wasting your battery life unnecessary, at the same time it gives you the control over how bright you want to project lights to make it comfortable for yourself as well as people around you.

Head Torch Lumens vs Runtime

Lumen is used to measure the amount of light that emits in a certain position. In most cases, a high lumen means it would be brighter. Nowadays, if you purchase a good quality headlamp, it will be able to utilise the direction of light to make the most out of the lumen available.

Typically, if you are using a headlamp with a high output then it would consume your battery a lot quicker then when you are using less output.

Headlamp Weight

This is a very important factor when choosing a headlamp. The best headlamp for running, hiking, fishing or camping should be light and not clunky. You would not want to put too much strain on your neck. If you purchase a not suitable headlamp, it would create a lot of fatigue and making the experience not pleasant at all.

The same principle applies to folks who use headlamps for their industrial applications. Besides all the safety equipment they wear such as harness, helmets, etc, … The last thing they would want is adding too much weight on their head.

Waterproof and Tilt Features

Headlamps are not meant to be used indoor only, it is used in several tough environments such as storm, rain and snow. It is important to source out a headlamp that is waterproof that can withstand a lot of blows from nature.

On the older models with headlamps, people find it is extremely uncomfortable having to constantly tilt their head in awkward positions to get the light in desired areas. With the new improvement from Led Lensers, you can easily tilt or adjust your headlamp to get the light to shine in the direction that you are after.

Head Torch Warranty

Like any other tools, headlamps are not immune from faults. All it takes is some electrical wire failure and your headlamp would not work. Hence it is so important to purchase your headlamps from authorised dealers to make sure they are backed by a legitimate Australia Wide Warranty.