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Check out our latest guides on new product ranges to help you find the right product to suit you! Feel free to contact us directly if you would like any further information on a product or range that we stock

A Breath of Fresh Air: Everything you need to know about industrial ventilation

Are you feeling like you need some fresh air? Well, you’re in luck! At Revolution Industrial, we know a thing or two about perfecting indoor air quality. That’s why we stock a wide range of industrial ventilation systems. Maintaining good air quality for industrial workplaces matters.

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Moisture Detection and Building Inspection Systems

How complicated can a building inspection be? Inspectors use different types of equipment to help them identify conditions that the naked eye cannot detect. But what is the right equipment for the task?

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Do We Need A Bigger Thermal Camera?

Not to get too dramatic, but infrared thermal imaging cameras can be the difference in uncovering faults in the home or proving the job was done right. They are an essential tool, but how do you select the right one?

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The Amazing and Mobile Flir One Pro

It's amazing! It's mobile! It's the Flir One Pro! This little thermal imaging camera packs a big punch when it comes to diagnostic equipment. Haven't got yours yet? Read on to find out why you might need it!

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Protect yourself with an auto-darkening welding helmet

We all learned about the importance of bike helmets in school and welding helmets are no exception! The right welding helmet can keep your eyes and face safe for years to come, but have you got the right one?

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Best PPE for the Welding VIP

When we were younger, we were told not to play with fire as it was dangerous and hard to control. Well, nothing has changed, but now as adults, playing with fire is a part of many people’s jobs in the form of welding.

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Bonding Over Welding Accessories

You might think a welder and protective gear is all you need to hit the ground running with your DIY welding project. But if you want to get the most out of your new welding machine, consider your welding tool kit.

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