Why choose Shell Lubricants for your business?

Date Posted:13 May 2020 

Why choose Shell Lubricants for your business? main image


Shell's longstanding commitment to technology and innovation enables them to play a leading role in meeting the world's energy needs. They are developing and implementing new technologies and integrating existing ones in every sphere of its activity, from maximising recovery of oil and gas from existing resources and unlocking new resources, to providing newer, cleaner fuels and lubricants. 


Revolution Industrial is proud to be the main distributor for Shell Lubricants. We stock a wide range of Shell products for commercial and industrial use. For any enquiries on Shell products, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert team who will be able to assist you.



Shell Lubricants has been at the forefront of technology innovation, being the first company to launch various technologies and products to the market. Some highlights are:

  • 1960 - One of the first to launch a multi-grade engine oil for use in vehicles in all seasons
  • 1969 - Supplied the lubricants for Concorde's first commercial flight
  • 1970s - First to pioneer the use of detergents in vehicle oils to help keep engines clean
  • 1980s - First to launch a commercially successful multi-grade engine oil for heavy-duty trucks that 'stayed-in-grade'
  • 1990s - Pennzoil-Quaker State Company's scientists developed Pennzane® SHF-X 2000, a patented fluid that has proved useful in space flight mechanisms. The US space agency NASA routinely uses products made with this advanced lubricant
  • 1990s - Shell was first to market with a low SAPS oil (Rimula Signia 10W-40), which enabled extended drain intervals and protected after-treatment equipment.


The technology leadership that comes from the knowledge, capability and innovation of Shell’s research and development professionals provides a key competitive advantage and is an important source of value for customers. 

When it comes to grease and lubricants, Shell has a wide range of heavy duty or commercial lubricants to suit many industries. This includes gear oil, hydraulic oils, engine oils, grease and many more.


What does technology leadership mean for lubricants?

It means excelling in three key areas:

  • The innovation of new technologies, products and services - For over 70 years, Shell has made significant annual investments in research and development and recruited world-class scientists to enable them to create some of the most advanced lubricant products available.
  • Application support by field experts, providing front-line lubrication advice – Shell have over 350 technical advisors and Product Application Specialists working daily with thousands of customers, providing lubrication solutions that deliver real value.
  • Partnerships with leading OEMs, customers and institutions – Shell collaborate with customers across industries, enabling them to test their products in some of the most demanding conditions, and have close links with over 150 industry bodies and academic institutions. The knowledge gained as a result of these collaborations helps Shell to remain at the forefront of technology.


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