PFERD New Look Cutting & Grinding Labels Explained

Author: Harry Nguyen   Date Posted:22 March 2019 

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PFERD is a go-to brand for different industrial abrasive tools and consumables. When it comes to cutting, grinding wheels or disc PFERD is known to supply the top quality, genuine products that are made in Germany.



PFERD has a wide product range that caters to different industries. Their abrasive equipment is capable to cut through many surfaces including extremely tough surfaces like concrete or stone. To maximise the effectiveness of their products, we need to understand their compatibility with different applications.

Fortunately, PFERD has updated its new labels for its cutting and grinding wheels. It is a lot easier now for consumers to safely choose a suitable type of grinding or cutting disc. Below is a perfect example of how the new design aids with quick and easy product identification.



From the picture, we work from the bottom to the top. First thing, you would have to look at what sort of materials the product is designed to work with. The most common materials you would normally encounter:

From the diagram, we can quickly identify by the black and blue marking that this product is suitable to work on Steel and Stainless (INOX).

The coloured line straight across the circle indicates the level of quality:

  • General Purpose (2 stars and Yellow). Used to achieve good results and decent economic efficiency.
  • Premium (3 stars and grey). If you prefer to get optimum results at a faster rate you should opt for the premium grade discs.
  • Specialist’s line (4 stars and blue). One of the most well-known specialist lines is Diamond Grade cut-off wheels or grinder.

On the right side of the label, it will display the cutting wheel’s specification such as the thickness, diameters, speed it can work up to etc…

When you have General Industrial and domestic applications that involve standard materials such as stones, soft metals. You can go for the Economy grade which is the general purpose of cutting and grinding wheels since it is not required to extremely efficient.

A Premium grade cutting and grinding wheels are perfect when you have pro-long applications that require a clean, efficient cut.

You must go for the specialised grade cutting disc if you want an extremely fast and aggressive cutting of solid hard materials. Applications that involve reinforced concrete, clay tile, concrete blocks or pipes.


Besides the new labels for cutting and grinding wheels, we will keep you guys updated if PFERD makes any further changes on their other abrasive tools like flap disk, wire brushes, fine grinding and polishing, etc….

Industrial abrasive is a very big topic to cover in one blog, if there is anything else you are unsure of, please feel free to contact us and our expert team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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